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Social department

This department is the heart of KCC, its carries all program and the whole aim of KCC. Since the history of the founders of KCC has difficult social back ground like child abused, lack of education, family care and street life during their childhood which lead them to establish an NGO to help children and youth who facing similar situation or more by giving then psychological support, home, education, health care, free space to play and develop their talent and skills, also reunify them with their families and or relatives if necessary.

This department has several areas which is working to save children and the community at large.

  1. Outreach program

  2. Children’s home

  3. Rehabilitation program

  4. Community awareness and empowerment

  5. Forum

  6. Peer education

Outreach program

The idea behind this program was to give chance to children who are living in the streets, to have an opportunity to participate in the KCC programs; like education and talent development. But also to give them chance to get new clothes which donated by WOS, and other individual donors and chance to wash the old clothes which they wear for a long time. As we all knows that children who lives in the streets they have no time to wash and to clean themselves according to the way they live. And no access to wash or take shower somewhere. Since 2010 this program also starts with the aim of putting those children who lives in the street in to the host families, until we find their original families and make a reunification.

Also this program including family and school visits for all children who attends our program. The aim is to know back ground of the children in school and home but as well as connecting their parents and teachers to our program for best interest of the children development.

This helps many children on changing their behaviors also increase their good performans in school, as well as making the children close with their teachers and parents. Also its help the union of teachers and parents, as  we are organizing parents meetings and teachers twice a year.

Children's home

In 2012 KCC decided to rent house for homeless children and the ones lives on the street, we started with 6 children and now we have 34 children who are staying at the shelter. Why we decided to have the shelter? After two years running the outreach program and see many children from the street joining our program and after the program they have to go back on the streets and the other children go back to their home. There were lots of questions from the children asking us how long they will live on the streets? And this was really tough for us to see them going back on the streets every day after program then we decided to start the shelter with six children and put some of them to host families.

Since then we have 36 children who lives in the KCC children shelter 7 girls and 29 boys, we already reunify 12 children back to their families since April 2020 when we start our partnership with (Railway Children Africa) RCA and replace them already. Our new house of children’s shelter can only accommodate 48 children and we can only admit other children when we reunion one back to the family.

Rehabilitation program

This is very special program that KCC established in July 2012 with support from Unicef Tanzania. KCC now working with the government in the level of ministry social welfare and community development gender women and special group and Kigamboni municipal department of social welfare for implementing CRP.

All children in Kigamboni and nearby who are in conflict with law like stealing, using drugs, refuse going to school and other criminal offence their no longer going to prison and to a justice system like adult offenders.

Since 2012 every child who are in conflict with law are referring to KCC for rehabilitation program. Before KCC form this new alternative way to help those children they were normally go for normal justice and ending up in prison even together with adults because we have only one prison for kids in Mbeya Tanzania. Because of this the children were mixing together with adults in the prison or at the police stations which make them even reoffending after or become worse criminal members.

Since KCC offering this new alternative to children who are in conflict with the law to attend special program at KCC and make all follow up in school and family visits to see the development of changes of the kids, in ten years which is from July 2012-February 2022 more than 467 children were rescued and rehabilitated through this program at KCC.

Community awareness and empowernment

Through our community awareness program KCC reach the community with different events and community gathering for giving education awareness by using our performing art through our talent kids from our talent development program.

During these events KCC create a show to address different global issues like climate change, children rights, human rights and health issues.

The last year KCC brought more than 6,000 children from different local schools in Kigamboni to teach them on prevention of Corona. KCC also visit about 26 local schools for giving awareness to the students about Covid19 though performing art.

By carrying out the subject of climate change, children rights and immigration, KCC was part of the project Cultural and peer learning which combine 9 countries as partners which is Tanzania represented by KCC, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, Austria, Slovenia and Bolivia. Tanzania | CULPEER4change (


This photo shows one of our awareness performances in Cologne of our young artists.

This three years project which started February 2019-January 2022 was funded by the European Union and KCC managed to send more than 20 young artists and children to share their life story and learn so much about the global issues. KCC young starts has to prepare the show which carry the subject and show to the schools and in the different events in Europe as well conducted lots of workshops in schools and youth centers.

With this program KCC managed to reach as many children and whoever in need to our service to get to know KCC. Also help many families and community in general to know more important issues like children rights and so many.


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Peer education

Peer education class with facilitators from Kigamboni Municipal health department train the youth of KCC about earlier pregnant and sexual diseases prevention. Also insisting uses of condoms.

The peer education program is most for the youth were they have own platform to discuss several issues like health, life skills, sexual issues and many global problems which face more young people national and globally.

The peer education is taking place every Saturdays and Thursdays were KCC look for facilitators from different institutions like government and NGOs who are willing to share their experiences with our young people here at KCC.

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